Friday, January 22, 2010

Largest music distributor CD Baby and artists join to support Haiti!

Catya Maré and other artists will join with the largest music distribution company CD Baby in order to support Haiti!

More information on this great opportunity to do something wonderful for those in need and yourself : Catya Maré´s myspace blog

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Press release for Catya Maré´s new album!

(This press release is from

Catya Maré, Hollywood Music Award nominee, Billboard World Song Contest winner, winner of the prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Award, will release her new, much anticipated album, "Destination Love" in February 2010.

Catya Maré´s new album "Destination Love" will be released worldwide on February 8th, 2010 and be available from every major digital music outlet, such as iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby etc., from and

This inspirational and soulful album will pick up where Catya Maré´s previous critically acclaimed album, "Remembering The Day", left off. Uplifting, sensual and touching instrumental songs, that will guide the listener to a place of tranquility and joy.
Her violin is the mesmerizing primary voice woven into an electronica / ambient / orchestral / pop backing.

Dreamy, spiritual chorals combined with electronica elements, a haunting violin line floating on top, Gregorian chants and sensual beats...the multiple award winning composer / violinist Catya Maré doesn´t accept musical boundaries and uses elements from both the classical genre, baroque, electronica, new age, pop and ambient to create her own highly unique compositions.

The listener might enjoy the spiritual dimension of her songs and the humor, the powerful orchestral parts and her ethereal violin sound in a combination with female voices.

Please enjoy samples of "Destination Love" on and

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